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The SPAMMERS:  John Prattz and John Penny

On the surface the above sites may appear legitimate, but when one starts to receive unsolicited SPAM from these people you have to question their business ethic.

It's speaks volumes for them.

Talking of volumes, I have received FIVE spam emails in the last 24 hours from the Spam-jerks John Prattz and John Penny.

This is typical content of their spamming:

Congratulations *****!

The following people are new WELA Members:
mohammad izwan ashari

The following people are new WELA Members:
Norasikin Ishak

The following people are new WELA Members:
snedden pereira

Your promising, new WELA business has already produced a guaranteed bonus check!

WOW!  That's amazing considering I didn't sign up for anything.

Then another SPAM approach is this one:

I wanted to give you a quick reminder that your WELA trial membership and the position you secured is about to expire.

It has been quite a while since you originally secured your spot and unfortunately you are nearing the deadline to upgrade your position before you are deleted from our system.

Have you had time to explore the SlimBerryPro Website? Are you confused by all those email updates reporting the growth of your business? Do you have any questions that I can answer for you?

Just give me a call at 639995218463 or send me an email at and I will be happy to answer any questions you have.

By now you probably smell the same rats as I do and they're out of Springfield, Missouri:

ReVitaLife, LLC
P.O. Box 14817
Springfield, MO 65814
4350 South National ste 102
Springfield MO 65810
Of course, who knows what might be genuine because my mother told me to steer
clear of spammers. Smart woman considering that was back in 1958.

Steer clear of them.

false claims
Spam-jerks John Prattz, John Penny
Slimberry scam and spam
Mywela scam and spam

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