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Qwest and CenturyLink customer complaints, scam, fraud, rip-offs, lies, deceptions

Telephone and internet service provider *cough*

More Qwest and Century Link rip-off reports here, here, there, everywhere, then here, and here, here, and here. Also Qwest fraud and lies, more here, and yet more here. Obviously Qwest stinks.

Our own Qwest horror story . . . troll the search engines and you'll find a multitude of folk whose blood boils at the very mention of Qwest.  Count ourselves among them would you please?

We were customers of theirs from the 80's through to 2010, and no-one has ever ripped us off the way Qwest did.

On a couple of occasions I pursued the overcharges with the issues being 'escalated' and a supervisor promising refunds on a future bill of $390 and $184 respectively. You've guessed it of course, the refunds were never issued.

For many years we had telephone service, then added internet at $39.95 per month early in the new millennium. You're already reading ahead and know that we were actually charged $49.95 per month. Qwest's excuse was that we were receiving more megabytes than the $39.95 plan . . . so whose fault was that?

Even though a business line has no better service than a home line, Qwest thinks it is fine just to charge triple or more for the same service. Interestingly however, when we decided to do away with the land line and have everything forwarded to the cell phone during 2009, the $120 business was suddenly offered at $5 a month on top of our internet service . . . the price of which was now $69.95 a month.

In other words, we were being ripped off by Qwest to the tune of $115 a month.

So, for a while we had only Qwest internet but the upload and download speeds didn't match what we were promised and being overcharged for, so we decided to end the Qwest fleecing of our bank account.

Our letter to Qwest below reveals many more of their shady business practices, but the bottom line is avoid Qwest at all costs!

Here is our 'good bye' letter . . . and oh, how sweet it is!


This is to formally cancel our account for Broadband service to our address of **********************************.

Account number **********************. Name, *************************.

The account was set-up as a long term plan, but Qwest has broken the contract in more ways than one. The number one reason is the failure to deliver the broadband speeds. We have been paying for 7 megs, but tests with various online entities show that the maximum speed achieved at various times of the day is 4.9 megs. This is a breach of the contract in itself.

Other issues that have brought about this decision are:

1. 'Optional charges' on bills are actually compulsory in your eyes. I have tried to have them removed and even escalated the case, but various missed phone messages between myself and 'Eric' at extension 1302044 have not resolved the situation. 'Qwest Office Plus' is one such anomaly.
2. Whenever we have moved since acquiring our business telephone number of **********, you have sold our number to third parties, and we have been inundated with phone calls from bank card processors. This happened every single time we moved the business address - approximately 7 times 1998 to 2008 - and the same thing happened each time.
3. A look through invoices in recent years shows that not all of our deposits have been credited after 12 months.
4. A look through invoices in recent years shows that 'packages' have been added or altered without our consent. This usually took place when the phone line was moved even though we always requested that we wanted to keep the same features. This adds up to a considerable sum of money owed us during the period 2000 to 2010.
5. Your agents habitually do not disclose all the charges associated with service/rate requests. See Google for such incidents. We asked agents for follow-ups in writing but they never arrived. This is good for Qwest but not good for their customers.
6. Despite requesting that sales calls be not made to our number, two to four calls a week were received anyway.
7. Money wasting mailings, at least one week, received at our place of business. Why not reduce prices instead of wasting money on expensive printing?

There can be no debate regarding this issue. No negotiation. We will honor all charges up to and including May the 3rd, 2010, but nothing beyond that except for the modem lease at $8 per month. Feel free to add this cost through to August the 10th, 2010 as we will be traveling until then.

Should you insist that the broken contract be due in full, we will counter with the addition of unauthorized charges stated as items 3 and 4 above.

Threatening us with legal action over the contract you have clearly broken will not deter us, but only serve to strengthen our resolve to seek compensation for past over-charges. This also applies to the 5 meg broadband service currently being charged at 7 meg rates.

Sincerely . . . . "

A copy of the above was emailed to Qwest, and also sent via snail mail with their latest bill. Of course, you Qwest lovers know full well that we have been ignored, and that they continued to bill us for an additional 5 months, then passed it onto collections.

Qwest are corporate crooks, and they'll only receive the money owed through to May the 3rd 2010.  We look forward to our day in court and the 'favorable' publicity it will bring Qwest . . . . not that they give a toss as many of us know.

The Seattle Seahawks' stadium is named 'CenturyLink Field', and there can be no doubt that CenturyLink's giant donations of sponsorship were funded by little, ripped-off, folk such as you and I via Qwest/CenturyLink's lies and deception programs.

Tell the Seattle Seahawks how you feel about the ugly CenturyLink name here.

More Qwest rip-off reports here, here, there, everywhere, then here, and here, here, and here. Also Qwest fraud and lies, more here, and yet more here. Obviously Qwest stinks.


Oh, and if you you have a cell phone, cancel your Qwest landline as you don't need it any longer. Consumers fight back against Qwest.

We suggest Vonage, but understand you'll need internet service to be able to use Vonage services. Of course, do get your internet service from anyone except Qwest.  You do know you'll be ripped off by Qwest don't you?

Want internet?  Qwest charge as much as they can get away with, and DO NOT deliver the speeds that they promise you. Go anywhere but Qwest / Century Link for your internet service.

IN CONCLUSION . . . you may be wondering why this webpage exists. Well, having been ripped off, overcharged, abused, and ignored by Qwest Communications for a couple of decades, the information here is made available for those who do internet searches to find all about the Qwest Communications scams.

Upon discovering that Qwest will rip you off you will seek phone and internet service elsewhere, I'm sure of it.  That being so, all I can say is excellent.  I have saved you money and heartache, and Qwest will rip-off one less client.

I live for that, and it pleases me immensely that I am helping remove money from the Qwest Communications bank accounts . . . a few thousand dollars of that was extracted from me via dubious and unscrupulous business practices.

Qwest is now CenturyLink.  Same old rip-offs with a new name perhaps?  The answer YES as per the the many rip-off reports here. Google for lots more!

Qwest, CenturyLink scams. overcharges, Qwest lies, Qwest stinks, Qwest suck, cancel Qwest, corporate thieves, Qwest rip-off, Qwest 'spirit of service' bullshit,

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