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EBay seller
http://www.premiertek .net

These folk say: "We always treat our customer the best we can. We are ebay powerseller, a seller you can trust. We hope you like the products and the service we provide and come back again."

Ya' just gotta laff don't ya'?! NOT TRUE at all!

Check their EBay feedback and you'll see the same thing as I experienced, i.e. item doesn't do what it is supposed to, and seller NEVER responds to e-mails.

I bought a '53 in 1' USB card reader from them unfortunately. It turns out it's NOT USB 2.0 but USB 1.1. They have ignored 4 e-mails and a PayPal approach so far.

On their website there is this:
Q: Are there anything wrong with the products?
A: No, we don't sell defective products, and neither anything wrong with the products

Mmmm, nice grammar they've got going there for both the question and the answer.

The same item is for sale on their website as item GP-4501-CR, but my advice is, DO NOT buy anytning from PremierTek.

This is great . . . I was shopping for a 1tb external hard drive on EBay the other day and narrowed my purchase down to one one offered by a company called PremierTek.

Lowest prices wins right?, but then I thought to myself, this name is familiar. After checking into the name I realized I hade been ripped off by these people several years before, so I ordered from someone else.

See, I knew it all along, crime doesn't pay. ;o)

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