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Don't pay for phone minutes and data you're not using.
Save on cell phone service.

Review your cell phone expenditure, and it's almost certain that you're paying too much every month. . . unless you're a phone, text and dataoholic!

For some 4 long years we spent an average of $80 a month with Verizon, getting unlimited data, more minutes we would ever need, and a text package we rarely used.

We were throwing money away until we on EBay and bought a new unlocked, GSM, Android smartphone that has all the usual bells and whistles.

It's a 'pay as you go phone' via the use of a SIM card. We now pay $25 every three months, no longer $240 every three months!, and can top the phone up online or over the phone at any time.

Data use uses the most of your resources, so we just connect to wi-fi whenever possible. You can connect at hotels, airports, coffee shops and at home via your own wi-fi.

If you're an international traveler the convenience and savings are massive. If you are in say, England, you buy a local SIM card with a local number, pop it in the phone and start making low cost calls.

This is not possible with a CDMA phone such as the one provided by Verizon.

So, ditch that phone plan that you never get to use fully anyway, and start saving money.

Low cost phone alternatives
Pay as you go
SIM cards
International travel with your phone
Ditch your landline

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