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Idaho City, Idaho / Boise, Idaho
Camera Repairs and Sales

So I take a bunch of photographic equipment to Ken Tromburg, Photek, on Cole Road in Boise, Idaho, and he offers me $600 plus for all the stuff.

He used to sell on EBay, and my 500mm Tamron mirror lens was worth at least $300, and still is.

I received about half of the money I'm owed, but it was a struggle to get even that as I had to continually pursue him via email.

The last time I had contact I had to track him down via his EBay user name. I wrote to him in 2004 about my $350 and received this response:

"Could you please give me your new address. I apologize for not paying you, and I do want to make this right. Thanks, Ken"

Bit of a waste of computer ink for me to send my address wasn't it?!

Update: I recently received a threat of legal action from Ken's wife Marcie Hart Tromburg . . .

"I find this sight to be deceitful and unfair. How convenient that you provide NO names of these individuals but that they can destroy someones reputation.

Just fair warning! You will be contacted by an attorney!

Shame on you!!! There is always 2 sides to every story. Funny how you hide behind this website."

Yep, the other side of the story is that Ken owes me $350. How unfair is that?

And Marcie, what might be the 'other side of the story' that you are referring to?

The fact is Marcie, when the $350 owed is paid this page will be removed.  I like Ken, but he owes me money.

It's really that simple. Thank you.

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