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EBay seller

Before buying anything off EBay seller 'justdeals' check their EBay feedback here.

Also see . . . reports regarding 'justdeals' here, here, and here. report regarding 'justdeals' is here. They respond to feedback on this site, but read between the lines.

I bought a TV from 'justdeals' on EBay. Their listing promised to ship within 2 days of receiving payment. FOUR days later and no tracking number for the shipment, which clearly indicates that the item is not in stock . . . and is probably on it's way from China. That, or they are waiting for the yard sales at the weekend.

Bear in mind that the reason I bought from 'justdeals' was because they promised to ship within 2 days of receiving payment.

When making the purchase they showed an estimated delivery of March 14th to March 19th. However, in violation of EBay policy they changed the delivery date in the listing to March 21st to April 1st to cover themselves.

Would you do business with 'justdeals'? Avoid the irritation and buy elsewhere.

They have ignored emails, so EBay and PayPal have been contacted.  They will also ignore your emails too, so buying somewhere else is your best option.

I read in several places that 'justdeals' put out fake email addresses to further delay you, but I have just received the following email address for 'justdeals' from the PayPal dispute team. Don't expect them to answer though!

It appears that filing a dispute got 'justdeals' to react, i.e. they sent me a UPS tracking number. I expect that it is fake to delay the process, but we'll see.

Three business days have passed since 'justdeals' sent their fake shipping number to UPS and it is still not in their system. In other words, 'justdeals' has not sent the package to UPS for shipping yet. Surprise!

PayPal are going to be very interested in this case as it's 'justdeals' commissions versus ours . . . and our sales run from $300 to several thousand dollars per transaction.

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