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Don't pay for TV channels you don't want . . . Cut the Cable!
Television: Cable and Satellite service

Q:  Can you live without cable or satellite TV service?
A:  Yes you can as all the newer TV's come with a digital TV tuner with which you can pick up all your local channels, some in HD/high definition.

Q:  What about movies, and TV series old and new that I like to watch?
A:  Easy, providers such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and others are your answer via internet streaming.

Q:  What is the cost difference?
A:  Massive, especially over long periods. How does $7.99 sound for Netflix for example?!

Q:  Picture quality . . . can it match the cable and satellite companies?
A:  Yes, and this is why. The 'big boys' signals are compressed, whereas local TV signals and stream provider's signals are not.  For the best streaming quality invest in one of the newer routers/cable modems, and run a new LAN/Cat 45/Ethernet cable to your device directly.  You'll be pleasantly surprised with the quality.

Q:  What are the savings over a 12 month period?
A:  Taking the average cable or satellite bill of $80 per month [$960] versus a stream provider for $8 per month [$96], your savings in just one year will be $864.  Multiply that by each ensuing year and it's a glaring no-brainer.

Q:  Sports streaming?
A:  It's available if you know where to look, but sporadic. That may change when the greedy cable, satellite and various sports bodies realize that they're losing clients/revenue at a very rapid rate.
In the meantime you can get sport via a local over-the-air -OTA - high definition signal using either an indoor or outdoor antenna. Even your old set-top rabbit ears antenna will pull in a good signal, so try that before you spend additional money.
There are plenty of sports streams online if you choose carefully and wisely. We recommend, but be careful not to click on the ads or accept a 'media player upgrade'. You can protect yourself by using AdBlock Plus which is also free.

Q:  What kind of devices are good for streaming?
A:  Blu-Ray players, newer HD televisions, Roku, Vizio Co-Star, plus PS3, Wii and XBox units - 'Live subscription required, so pass on XBox - are the most common  devices, but you can also use your smartphone and suchlike.

Ready to cut the cable?  Tired of paying for channels you don't watch?  Make the switch, save money and enjoy!

Cut the cable
Satellite service
Dish network
Direct TV
Cable One
TV low cost alternatives

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