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EBay seller

Before buying anything off EBay seller 'bulletproofguards' check their EBay feedback here.

Nearly 1,900 complaints in less than a year tells the story.

The facts . . .

I bought two 9 volt Digimate batteries from bulletproofguards which turned out to be defective.

I emailed them and 'Ed' suggested I ship them back with a money order for $2.95 to cover re-shipping the new batteries. So, they sell me crap batteries, and I now have to pay the return shipping, AND the shipping for the new batteries!

The address I was asked to ship them to was . . .
Daled Group
206 Airport Executive Park
Nanuett NY 10954

I paid for tracking of the package but they denied knowledge of the package and eventually ceased answering emails.  I have to say that Ed was very professional at playing dumb while asking for tracking numbers, and asking to be reminded what the complaint was. He was soooooo professional I surmised that he really is dumb!

So, in the final analysis, I had NO BATTERIES, and like a fool paid return shipping AND enclosed a money order for $2.95.

Not only is Ed of bulletproofguards a crook, but master con-man.

The biggest problem is that EBay provide zero protection for people like you and I from jerks like like Ed at bulletproofguards.

EBay is making nice percentages on nickel and dime cheap merchandise and don't give a rats.

Do not purchase anything from bulletproofguards.

Also see . . . Feedback 1

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bulletproofguards of EBay scam, rip-off, fraud, lies
Ed at bulletproofguards
Digimate batteries are crap
Digimate are spammers