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http://www.audioblowouts .com

I ordered a re-furbished Pyle DVD/stereo/FM radio unit from them adding $45 for 2-day shipping, but with a note stating that if that weren't able to ship by a specified date to cancel the order as I needed it for a road trip.

They shipped late anyway ignoring my note, and it came after I left for the trip. Thus far they have wasted my $45 shipping.

I opened the box when I returned home to find that the unit is NOT refurbished, but VERY much used, dirty, dusty and scratched. It looked like it had several years of use before being removed from a vehicle and shipped to me as re-furbished. It had been obviously!

So I pay to have it installed anyway, and get a call from the installer. Yep, it doesn't work.

Audio Blowouts have ignored my e-mail in regard to a resolution, so now I'm out for the cost of the unit, the installation cost, and $45 worth of shipping. This is FRAUD, and I'm taking the matter up with my credit card company.

Save your money and anguish, and stay away from Audio Blowouts.

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