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CONSUMERS FIGHT BACK exists to provide a voice to those who have received poor service, shoddy goods, have been scammed, and also to name those whose motto is clearly, "Cash Before Service."

There is no law against truthful feedback, so tell the world who these people are and make a difference.

Money saving tips: Utilities
+ Cell phone service
+ Ditch satellite and cable TV service

Beware of . . .
You are strongly urged to be on your guard or avoid dealing with:

+ United Airlines:  You don't matter to them. They just want your money.
+ Conrad Anderson:  Not what they seem. Sladefield Road, Birmingham, UK
+ JustDeals and JustAmazingDeals: Online and Ebay seller
+ bulletproofguards:  EBay seller
+ iVillage . com / . com:  Spammer
+ Mywela Slimberrypro:  Spammers
+ Qwest / CenturyLink:  Telephone and internet provider. Could less about you.
+ Audio Blowouts:  Online retailer
+ Eagle Auto Repair:  State Street, Eagle, Idaho. Bogus repairs that cost you.
+ Ken Tromburg:  Photek, Boise, Idaho - Camera repairs, Ebay sales
+ PremierTek:  Online and EBay seller
+ A & M PhotoWorld, New York, NY - Electronics retail.
+ Best Online Digital
+ InoaX:  See
+ 1 Stop Camera: See
+ Saltzer Medical Group, Nampa and Meridian, Idaho - Health
+ Lithia Ford, Fairview Avenue, Boise, Idaho - Vehicle repairs
+ Boise Tire [Miracle Tire and Total Car Care], Fairview Avenue, Boise, Idaho
+ Pacific Image Electronics - Film and Slide scanners
+ O'Neill Enterprises, Boise, Idaho - Construction
+ SynergyConnect - Internet service provider
+ Protronics, 5105 Overland Road, Boise, Idaho - Electronics repair

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